Lubbock Snow Forecast

Repair Your Roof Before the Storms

Snow and ice storms can hit with no warning and wreak havoc on a roof in need of repair.  At other times, the weather station gives a fair warning about weather events, such as snow and ice storms.  This week, several news outlets reported a high chance of sub-freezing temperatures and snow flurries.

Lubbock Snow Forecast


Light Snow is Heavy on Top

If the roof at your business needs repair, don’t wait for bad weather to tell you.  A roof needing repair or replacement can collapse under the weight of snow and ice.  Contact Shuff Construction today for an inspection and estimate.  From Lubbock to Dallas and down to Abilene, Shuff Construction has you covered.  No job is too big.

Storm Rolls Through Lubbock

Storms Roll Through Lubbock

Storms passed through Lubbock today causing mostly minor damage to trees, fences and rooftops.  In some cases, shingles were ripped off and fences were blown over.  The hail was small and seemed to only cause minor blemishes on vehicles.

The storm appeared to be on track for the Fort Worth and Dallas area.

It’s a good practice to check your roof after a storm to ensure no damage was done and water damage doesn’t because an issue in future storms.  If you need an inspection or notice damage to your roof, give us a call!

Supercell approaching Lubbock

Thunderstorm Activity

The Lubbock, Amarillo and Dallas areas have all seen more rain this year than in the previous years.  While the moisture is good, the high winds and hail are not for roofs.  While Abilene is making the news for the DVD-sized hail it received, Shuff Construction has been keeping busy repairing and replacing roofs to prevent the upcoming thunderstorms from doing water damage to local businesses and homes.

Call Shuff Construction today to prevent water damage to your business or home from a damaged roof.

Abilene Hail Damage

Photo by Jim Cantore via Twitter.

Hail storms hit Abilene, Texas causing millions of dollars of damage and makes national news in the process.

Abilene Hail Makes National News

The Washington Post shared Jim Cantore’s Twitter photo showing a piece of hail the size of a CD or DVD.

Hail Damage to Roof

Hail of any size can damage a roof and lead to internal water damage.

Don’t let the damage to your roof from the recent hail storms get any worse.

Contact Shuff Construction today for your estimate.