FiberTite Single Ply has literally set the standard in based sheet roofing. So, when you deal with Shuff Construction, you are sure to get the absolute best in roofing materials so that your investment will provide a long-lasting roof capable of standing up to the elements.

  • Formula For Success! The 4 Layers of FiberTite Single Ply Roofing Fabric

Their formula for success is rooted in a half-century of Seaman Corporation high performance coated fabric technology and is specifically derived from a combination of the selected attributes from Seaman’s world renowned Shelter-Rite architectural fabrics.  Each layer adds extra protection to your roof, ensuring the absolute best in performance.

  • Back Coat

FiberTite Ply does not skimp on quality by offering a lower cost formula for the back coat.  Instead, they use the same DuPont formula as on the face coats to ensure a more secure and lasting weld.

  • Fabric Layer

This is the foundation of any membrane’s tear and puncture resistance. FiberTite has manufactured a fabric layer that has twice the amount of fiber for an unmatched puncture and tear resistance.

  • Adhesive Coat

FiberTite has a unique coating process which saturates the fabric layer with adhesive so that     there is actually a molecular bond created between the fabric layer and the front and back coats. This is the portion of the roofing fabric that helps to prevent the moisture from penetrating the cut edges of the membrane. This also prevents the seams from failing on a  properly crafted roof.

  • Face Coat

The face coat and back coat are so well made that they are actually created from the same materials. This layer provides a superior UV and chemical resistance, inhibits crazing and cracking of the membrane, and gives the membrane its ability to remain flexible.

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