An ideal replacement or upgrade to your siding on your commercial multi-family building is cement fiberboard. This is an amazing material which takes less to maintain than wood siding and is far stronger and less toxic than vinyl as a siding material. Since it is constructed mainly from cement, sand and fibers made from recycled wood, cement fiberboard siding is definitely a worthwhile durable and green-friendly commercial siding option to explore.

Commercial Buildings Interior and Exterior

Cement fiberboard if naturally resistant to fire damage, rot, insect invasion, birds and overall decay. This siding is attached either by a clip-in tie system or by a product like Home Slicker. Home Slicker also serves as extra protection against potential water damage. Cement fiberboard siding can come  in as wide a range of dimensions as one might need and comes in a variety of styles to suit any buyer. It can be made to simulate stucco, concrete, wood siding, or shingles. Many designers also fix cement fiberboard siding in larger panels to commercial multi-family buildings for a more modernist look. If you prefer the classic wood look, cement fiberboard also comes in smooth and wood grain finishes of all sorts. Many designers and builders will attach this siding in a pattern of overlapping horizontal boards, vertically, in larger panels. Most suppliers sell these siding panels with the most highly demanded colors baked into the stuff from which it is made. Because of this, cement fiberboard requires very little upkeep and maintenance other than the occasional touch of paint, making it ideal for commercial multi-family units. If you decide to change the color of the panels at a later date, it is easy to simply alter the fashion of the siding by putting on a new layer of paint!

Commercial Multi-Family Apartment Buildings

Owners of commercial multi-family homes and apartment networks frequently prefer these types of exterior siding options for the homes of their clients and customers, since it assures them that the choice you make for them is fire retardant, durable, will last for a long time, and repels any fluid damage that could be caused from the increasing worry of storms and flooding brought on by events such as Hurricane Katrina. More relevant is that the end consumers in the commercial multi-family homes want to be absolutely certain that they know that you have decided  to build their homes with the kind of siding that is both the safest available on the market and the most affordable to keep down maintenance costs. While there are many options available to purchase, for the buyer, making that final decision to purchase the ideal siding frequently shows itself  to be a challenge. When confronted with so many various options, the wise manager or owner will inevitably realize that choosing fiber cement siding is the right decision for both owner and client. There are many available brands of cement fiber siding and styles to choose from, the weight of this decision is common sense. How does one choose a fiber siding type that is best suited for their needs?